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3 Story Medical Office Building - Tuba City, Arizona

Total Gross Building Area: 33,000 SF
Total Construction Cost: $6,400,000

Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC) has challenges much like many other rural Healthcare Systems.  They have old facilities that need to be replaced; they operate in much less space than needed; and they have limited resources to solve either dilemma.

JSRa has provided Comprehensive Master Planning for the TCRHCC over the years, which indicates a total demand of some 350,000 SF to provide the space that would be allocated for contemporary state of the art care, compared to only 166,000 SF of existing space.  The TCRHCC is also hampered by the unavailability of funding sources due to their location on federal property, so conventional lending markets are not available to them.

Based on careful analysis of the actual workload measured against the demand for each line of service provided by TCRHCC, the Board identified expansion of their Primary Care Services as their highest priority.  With positive financial results over the past few years, TCRHCC has committed to funding this expansion out of their operating revenues.

The need for primary care space was urgent, but the funds limited. So the JSRa team explored an alternative approach that utilized “Enhanced Modular” multi-story construction. The savings allowed the building to be built within their available funds, and schedule savings made the Primary Care Services available for use several months faster than was possible with conventional construction. The completed facility’s appearance is identical to conventional construction; with equal to or greater structural integrity; and utilizes energy efficient architectural, mechanical and electrical systems 



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