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Komatke Health Center - Komatke, Arizona

Total Gross Building Area: 75,000 SF
Total Construction Cost: $18,000,000

Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC) is unable to meet the demand for services, and is unable to expand enough on the main campus to meet the current or projected needs of Native Americans living in the city of Phoenix.  A replacement strategy has been developed and approved that includes construction of satellite clinics in the Southwest, Southeast and Northeast Valley Areas.  The Southwest Ambulatory Care Center (Komatke Health Center) was the first of the three locations to be constructed.

The following important cultural elements were incorporated into the design of the SWACC facility:

Building Orientation: 

  • Great views of the sacred Estrella Mountains from the Lobby, the Primary Care Clinic, the Public Health Nursing Office Suite, and the Dental Clinic.  These views will always be there for all patients and visitors to enjoy as they arrive and depart the facility. The morning sun enters into the lobby and patient waiting areas through windows on the east faces of the ‘Silos’. 

Exterior & Interior Building Materials for this project included:

  • Manufactured Stone Veneer – several shades of simulated limestone, from buff limestone to reddish hue of sandstone are used on the exterior and interior of the ‘Silos’. 
  • EIFS – Exterior Insulation and Finish System – were used in combination with the stone veneer to create visual interest and contrasting textures that mimicked the mountain vistas.
  • Floor Patterns – Following multiple “Cultural Influence” meetings with Tribal Elders and other authorities, stylized basket patterns were incorporated throughout the public spaces 


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