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Dilkon District Court - Dilkon , Arizona

Total Gross Building Area: 14,000 SF
Total Construction Cost: $5,000,000

The first court facility ever designed and constructed on the Navajo Nation celebrates the formal adoption of Peacemaking by the Tribal Council, the traditional Navajo way of resolving disputes and restoring harmony to the Community. The Dilkon District Court Facility celebrates Peacemaking by providing two Western courtrooms and another equally sized room reserved for Peacemakers from the Community who facilitate interaction between parties.

The Dilkon District Court Facility incorporates modern interpretation of traditional cultural values by providing Hogan shaped court and Peacemaking rooms, an East facing entrance, geometric designs in the walls ceilings and floors, and domed ceilings and skylights in the court and Peacemaking rooms.

This project is an excellent example of integrating the cultural values of the people and the environmental influences of the place into the facility design

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